Following up on our story yesterday about Charter Communications’ intent to expand its Spectrum News Channel operations into at least five more markets, a source directed us to a job posting already up for a California position.
“Our ideal candidate will have the drive to design, build and operate a forward thinking News Operation holding previous experience as a News Director or Assistant News Director primed and ready for an executive leadership role.”

Commence resume submission….

The source also clued us in on some other developments that appear to be sending mixed messages.

SVP Alan Mason and VP Jason Pheister made on-site visits and met with the staffs in Kansas City, Ohio, and Wisconsin to explain that current regional sports channels will eventually evolve into Spectrum News.

Between the spiraling cost of sports rights and a limited audience growth potential, Charter Communications evidently felt that sports was not the future and news was.

Still unclear is the ultimate timetable and, of more concern, the future of current employees as the sports outlets “evolve” into news channels.

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