The impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump is into its public phase and the pace will pick up this week after two sessions last week.

Nine more diplomats and national security officials — many of whom have already appeared to testify behind closed-doors — will testify publicly in the coming days this week.

As the hearings unfold, it’s going to require some serious analytical watching if you are relying on cable “news” for your information.

Despite the occasional maverick opinions on Fox News, usually expressed by anchor Chris Wallace and, occasionally, Bret Baier,

Wallace, in particular, praised ousted Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s “powerful” testimony describing how she felt devastated after Trump trashed her as “bad news” on a call with a foreign leader and after being pushed out of her position due to what she characterized as smears by Rudy Giuliani and others.

“I think if you are not moved by the testimony of Marie Yovanovitch today, you don’t have a pulse,” Wallace said.

The conservative-friendly Fox News, which had the most viewers of any network according to Nielsen, frequently seemed to use graphics, among other programming decisions, in a manner that was friendly to Trump.

While Fox News hosts like Brett Baier made waves for talking about the seriousness of the allegations from the diplomats, the channel’s opinion hosts derided the events, attacking the witnesses’ character and even their water-drinking habits.

Fox also made it a point to quickly cut to commercial when impeachment leader Adam Schiff began his questioning, while the other cable outlets going wall-to-wall abandoned commercial breaks

On CNN, the notorious analysis roundtable format the network has gotten blame for included both sides of the spectrum.

Full disclosure: Shoutfests are not our cup of tea.

CNN stuck largely to documented facts in much of its graphic coverage while Fox…..

Well there is no starker contrast to approaches than this comparison of Fox and MSNBC graphics when Ambassador William Taylor testified.

Buckle up for the week ahead.

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