Well, it’s not just tv news, but that’s our focus so…

The idea of working out of the home is an idea that has been bubbling just below the surface for literally decades.

Our first “work-at-home” experience came in 2002, was followed by several others and well, we’re having our morning coffee as we put this together in our home office.

We’re seeing anchors anchoring from their home, reporters have been setting up small home studios and crews are being remotely dispatched, hooking up at predetermined locations and skipping the office altogether.

COVID-19 has multiplied the number of people working out of the home and, in tv news, it so far appears to be working.

So will life return completely to normal once this public health crisis is past?

We’re willing to be the corporate types are studying this closely.

We’ve been watching low-def smartphone video for years thanks to viewers quick on the draw and stations hungry for spot news or weird news video.

And now we’re getting used to low-def Skype and Facetime interviews as newsroom avoid bringing people into the confines of the building.

Apart from the occasional “all-hands” meeting, what is the purpose of a newsroom, surrounded as we are by portable technology?

Zoom could host the morning meetings – if morning meetings are still part of the routine.

Think of the time saved if all crews are already equipped with what they need and avoid heading into the office.

You may need to keep the studio – viewers still expect to see that setting when they sit down to watch the evening news.

What would you do with all that empty newsroom space?

We have no doubt station management could come up with alternative uses for it, some of them even revenue-producing – or save money on the building lease by reducing the monthly square footage lease.

It will be interesting to see where we end up on the other side.

What do you think?

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