Egad, if Mrs. B hears "myself"
used incorrectly just one more time, she may lose her Ocala cool.

There are only two correct ways to use
Both are always paired with "I."
Heres the reflexive use:

>I told MYSELF Id stop eating at my

>I hurt MYSELF by begging out of the
weekend assignment.

The other correct way to use
"myself" is intensively:

>I, MYSELF, am the one who started the

>I, MYSELF, would give the job to
anyone but her.

We get paranoid about using
So we do this:

(incorrect) Please give Don and
"myself" just one more chance.


(incorrect) Don and "myself"
have a plan.

Try this to test your use of
"myself": take out the other person mentioned.
You wouldnt say, "Please give myself just one more chance."
And you certainly wouldnt say, "Myself has a plan."

>Please give Don and ME just one more

Would it be "myself" or
"me" in this sentence?

The desk assigned the story to Joe and

Take away the other person, Joe in this
You wouldnt say, "The desk assigned the story to myself."

>The desk assigned the story to Joe
and ME.

"Me" is a much maligned
Mrs. B is campaigning for "me" to get the respect it deserves.


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