Our surly editor, a former sportscaster
(see above), recently used a most primordial form of communication to
ask Mrs. B for help in word choice:

"Yo, Mrs. B," he hollered from
the office across the hall,
"Whats the difference in JIBE and JIVE?"

Mrs. B looked it up in her __Words that
Make a Difference__ by Robert Greenman and thought you might be
interested, too.

"Jibe" is a colloquial or
informal word that means in harmony or agreement.

>His testimony didnt JIBE with the
statement he made to police.

A "gibe" (pronounced the same
as "jibe") is a teasing remark.

>After mispronouncing Boca Raton, the
network anchor had to endure the GIBE of a colleague or two. (p. 164 of
__Mrs. Bluezettes Grammar Guide__: Boca Ruh-TONE)

And "jive" is a word our
mothers (or maybe your grandmothers) used for jazz or swing music.
Its also slang for nonsensical or disingenuous (now thats a good word)

>Man, are you JIVING me, or what?

Thats what Mrs. B should have hollered
back to our surly editor.