Every time Mrs. B opens her mailbox, she
finds another redundancy.

What about "the violent murder of
a senior citizen"?
Ive never heard of a non-violent murder. Its like a "bloody

Graham Richardson, legislative reporter
and host of "Focus"
Global News, Toronto

An anchor/reporter in Chattanooga says
this redundancy makes her "skin crawl":

"The crash that killed two people
happened at 6 a.m. this morning."

Kim Chapman, WTVC-TV

And an Atlanta anchor offers these

"The detectives are checking the
suspects past history (or past record)." As opposed to the
suspects future history/record?

"Were certain much pre planning
will be required." I guess that means they will do the actual
planning once the pre planning is complete.

"Ive studied everyones point of
view, and from what I can tell, the general consensus is…."
Just what is a consensus if its not general?

"Our SuperDuperDeluxeDopplerRadar
detects some heavy shower activity in the area." Wed feel
cheated if that fancy radar detected simply showers, or rain.

"Witnesses say the robber ran into
a wooded area." Robbers never run into the woods, anymore. I
wonder why?

Maybe if we ignore the "armed
gunman," he/she will just go away quietly.

Finally, heres a redundancy that even
Mrs. B will never be able to eliminate– because who would ever refer to
"the pregnant person?"

Perhaps not.
Mrs. B does appreciate her readers contributions.