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Archive Date 2004-09-17


Atlantas Meredith-flagship WGCL-46-CBS
has lost primary anchor Tony Harris to CNN, just 18 months
after hiring him from Sinclairs Baltimore flagship WBFF-45-Fox. 
joined WGCL in its last major anchor purge, when Jane
and Calvin Hughes were replaced in March 2003.



years ago Dan Rather squared off on live television against Vice
President George H.W. Bush
, then running for president. The
interview turned into a tense shouting match that cemented the
impression among conservatives that the CBS News anchor favors
the other side.

Now, once again, Rather is raising
sharp questions about a member of the Bush family during a
presidential election, leading the White House to equate his reporting
on President George W. Bushs Vietnam-era service record in the
National Guard with partisanship.

Ever since tangling with Richard Nixon
as a White House correspondent more than three decades ago, Dan
has been the television presence conservatives love to

and competitors are asking why CBS broadcast a story
that had
implications for the presidential race despite concerns raised by the
networks own expert consultants about the documents authenticity.
Questions have also been raised about how he handled the aftermath –
first attributing challenges to "many who are partisan political

have not convinced me they properly nailed it," Bill Kovach,
chairman of the Committee of Concerned Journalists, said of CBS.
"If they are going to make an assertion or allegation or use
documents, they certainly better be sure of them, because the validity
of the assertion is going to be questioned, the process by which you
make your assertion or present your information has to be transparent
and CBS hasnt hit that target yet."


has now acknowledged that the crux of their story may have been based on
forged documents," Bush
spokesman Scott McClellan told reporters aboard Air Force One
"I think its always best for journalists to stick to reporting the
facts and not trying to dispense campaign advice."


"Bad things seem to happen around Dan
," says Ed Fouhy, former executive VP of CBS
. "Hes a lightning rod." David
writes in the Baltimore Sun


CBS suits fear voters inclined to
vote for George Bush are now switching off Dan Rathers
"CBS Evening News."
Ratings have plunged in the top ten
markets, reports Drudge.




writes in the New York Post that
staffers on the original "60
are distancing themselves from the upstart "60
Minutes II,"
which was renamed in June as "60

Some who work at the old "60
are afraid the document scandal will irreparably
undermine the reputation of the old show even though no one associated
with the Sunday "60" had anything to do with it.

Moreover, some of those who work at the
Sunday show are going so far as to imply that they would have been more
thorough than those who work on the newer "60 Minutes"
in verifying the documents authenticity.



Sean Dixon, promotions manager for
WJHG-7-NBC in Panama City, snapped this image as a tornado rolled
directly over the station Wednesday. This particular storm
claimed a life and was one of more than a hundred spawned by Hurricane

same storm was captured
on the stations tower cam
as it tracked across the city,
aimed directly at WJHG. Power transformers can be seen exploding
in the tornados wake. As the twister moved closer, the station lost
electricity for about 30 seconds
, causing a jump-cut in the video.
Chief Meteorologist Jason Kelley narrates.

killed at least 23 people
, inundating homes and cutting off
highways, including Interstate 10 in Mobile and Pensacola.


station WPMI-15-NBC lost its broadcast towers and has jumped to Clear
sister station WJTC-44-UPN.


New Orleanss WWL-4-CBS has
aerial shots of post storm damage


Televisions coverage of hurricanes has a
lot in common with the storms themselves, says
NY Daily News TV critic David Bianculli
. Both move very
slowly and are full of hot air.


told viewers last night that he had signed a new
five-year deal
with the Fox News Channel. FNC recently inked
Shepard Smith
to a new 5-year deal, also.



Veteran Phoenix anchor Kent Dana,
62, wants everyone to know that KPNX-12-NBC President
and General Manager John Misner is lying
when he says Dana
"elected to leave the station" and sign on with competitor KPHO-5-CBS.

"I was told I wouldnt be
renewed," said Dana, whose 25-year stint with KPNX
ended Tuesday. He says Misner told him that his previous nights
broadcast had been his last and that the station was ready to "move

Misner says he stands by his
statements that the departure was Danas decision.



KWCH-12-CBS reporter Matt Mauro was doing a live report
about a dangerous intersection when
a car collided, on camera, with a truck, critically injuring a high
school student.

has the video


in Harrisburg has hired Lisa Scullin as its new morning
co-anchor. She arrives from WWBT-12-NBC in Richmond, where she
was a beat reporter.


Kansas City sports anchor William Jackson, who lost his job when Merediths
outsourced its sports programming earlier this year, has
landed a gig at Chicagos all-sports cable channel
, Comcast


Meredith has joined Sinclair
in issuing a company-wide ban against reading NewsBlues,
blocking it from corporate computer systems. Company officials ignored
requests for comment.


The print
folks in Boston have suddenly discovered
that their city has
passed San Francisco
as the nations 5th largest television


The Atlanta
Journal-Constitutions lame TV writer Caroline Wilbert
says MSNBC
is trying to squeeze as much buzz as possible out of its political star,
Chris Matthews.



to note that anchor Gerry Grant, who was released from a Texas
prison in this week after serving two years and a month for possession
of child porn…..and weatherman David Rogers, who was released
from jail in Ohio this week after serving four months for a mowing down
two highway workers while driving drunk in Cleveland….are both former
employees of WCBS-2. Just sayin.


underestimate the ignorance of American TV viewers
. NBCs
newsless "interview" with tiger victim Roy Horn on
Wednesday night drew a larger audience than Dan Rathers
fascinating "60 Minutes" interview with Marian Carr
, former secretary of Lt. Col. Jerry B. Killian, the
alleged author of those alleged memos that CBS had included in
its recent controversial coverage of George W. Bushs alleged
service at the alleged Texas Air National Guard.


ABCs "20/20" says
buh-bye to Babs tonight
with a two-hour retrospective.

Shes getting out just in time, says
Seattle TV critic Melanie McFarland



Our mention yesterday that CNN
Headline News
simply re-racks the 9-12 p.m. block during the
overnight hours brought this interesting comment from a news
professional who watches cable news for a living.

rely on CNNfn, the daytime financial channel, which goes live
at midnight
eastern standard time from London. It beats the other
cable channels and network news programs for late breaking news. The
anchors are articulate and seem to know what theyre talking about, as
opposed to the normal bunch of teleprompter reading smiley


Whats wrong with The Jane Pauley Show?
critic thinks he knows



"A PBS mind in an MTV world." MrsB@newsblues.com

The grammar mistake Mrs. B notices more
than most any of them appeared in a recent Wall Street Journal:

After the animal was bathed and vet
records showed it to be healthy, the dog was allowed to lay in
bed with its owner, who died peacefully a few hours later. (8-31-04)

That hurts Mrs. Bs ears and eyes.
Unless that dog was part hen and laying eggs, she could not have been
"laying" in bed.
"Lie" is the verb that means to recline.
So the correct sentence would be:

~After the animal was bathed and vet
records showed it to be healthy, the dog was allowed to lie
in bed with its owner, who died peacefully a few hours later.

The other meaning of "lay,"
besides producing eggs, is to place something.
It must have object.
For example:

~He lay the puppy on the

~She lay the book on the
bedside table.

Mrs. B is going to try not to lie
in bed tonight and think of ideas for grammar columns.
Shes going to lie there, breathe deeply, and slip into
the la-la land of sweet dreams.
She hopes you do, too, after your hard day at work.



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