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"Today" show host Billy Bush is expected
to settle with NBC for the full lump-sum value of his
three-year employment contract, said to be worth in the
neighborhood of $10 million.

Including his time at the Rio
Olympics, Bush
was on the payroll at "Today"
for about two months.

According to EXCLUSIVE
speculation by Page Sixs Emily Smith
, "NBC
chief Andy Lack has already ordered Bushs
office be cleared and all traces of him removed from their Rockefeller

Bushs Los Angeles-based
attorney Marshall Grossman told Page Six on Friday,
"We were preparing for battle, but today we are preparing for

a separate Page Six EXCLUSIVE
, the New
York Post
reports that there has been no NBC
"internal investigation" into who leaked the 2005 video
of Bush and Donald Trump to The Washington
, because NBC already knows who leaked it.

NBC did.  According
to Page Six, NBC had planned to air the tape on
"Access Hollywood"
just ahead of the October 9
presidential debate, but because of legal concerns about the
ethics of airing a tape that was recorded without Trumps
consent, NBC executives elected to give the video to the The
Washington Post
first and let them take the heat. NBC
then reported on the Washington Post scoop on MSNBC.

Page Six says the leak was
"sanctioned by the people at the top" of NBC News.

Wall Street Journal
"the material was leaked
to the Washington Post from someone who NBC
believes is one of its own employees."



, who was running NBCs Entertainment, News &
Cable Group
when Trump and Bush were recorded in
2005, says he was as surprised as anyone when the tape surfaced
two weeks ago.

"I am unaware of any of
that. I never heard any of that," he
told a forum at Harvard on Friday
. "I knew [Trump]
as somebody who loved to brag about his ratings, loved the
spotlight, and knew how to draw attention to his

Zucker, now head of CNN,
said he would have aired the tape immediately if his network had
obtained it first. "If CNN had come into the same
information, I see no reason why we wouldnt have published it
as soon as we verified it
," he said, adding that his gut
instinct "would have been to publish that story and put it on
the air as soon as we came into contact with it."

is credited with green-lighting Trump in 2003 as host of
reality-competition show "The Apprentice."

"I understood what a publicity
magnet Donald Trump
was," he recalled. "So my
thinking was I wanted to buy The Apprentice, because if
nothing else, it would generate a tremendous amount of publicity.
If you came out of New York, especially in that era, you knew that
he was on the front page of the tabloids all the time, he
generated a disproportionate amount of attention, and I
thought that would be good for a new show."


Interesting how Megyn Kellys
question, 14 months ago at the first primary debate, prophesied
Donald Trumps eventual problem with female voters
. The
third and final presidential debate will be moderated by Chris
, of Fox News, Wednesday night at 9 ET from Las



Friday, at a rally in Charlotte, Trumps TelePrompTers
broke down. "By the way," he announced abruptly about 20
minutes into his speech, "these TelePrompTers havent
been working for the last 20 minutes. And I actually like my
speech better without TelePrompTers."

It was a ready-made metaphor for
the disorder afflicting his campaign, reported
The Washington Post

"You know, its very funny.
I went through 17 professional politicians [in the Republican
primaries], top people, and I went without any TelePrompTers.
Then all of a sudden, they said, Well now you?re running the
election, you need TelePrompTers. And I like tele…
theyre fine, but its sort of cooler without it, right? Dont you
think? I like it better without it."

"I watch Hillary.
Shes got the biggest pieces of glass. And sometimes theyre
painted black on the other side, because you see better. And she
always just reads off the TelePrompTer and its short and
then she goes home and she goes to sleep," he said.

"Ill tell you, whoever runs
this place is not doing very well," Trump joked.
"Great job, fellas. So now we dont have to pay for this and
now we dont have to pay for that."


covering Trump rallies are now concealing or removing their
press credentials when leaving the pen to avoid confrontations
with Trumps supporters. 

The atmosphere is particularly
threatening to female reporters and to female TV reporters whose
faces are well known, reporters say. "The camera draws the
hate," said
. The press always got booed at Trump rallies. But
now the aggression is menacing.


all but official
?Abby Huntsman is the new co-host
(with Tucker Carlson) of "Fox & Friends
edition, replacing Anna Kooiman, who
recently moved to Australia.


will debut a new $30
million state-of-the-art street-front studio
in Midtown
Manhattan on Election Night. The network is also planning
major renovations to its basement newsroom workspace.

Fox News celebrated its
20th anniversary in October, but the celebration was muted by the
networks ongoing struggle with accusations of sexual harassment.
Management is hoping the newsroom upgrade will help elevate morale
within the building.


An underground electrical fire knocked
out power
to CBS corporate headquarters at 51 West 52nd
Street in Manhattan from Thursday through Sunday morning. Black
was the only building affected.


During the first five weeks of
the NFL season, overall
television ratings have declined 15% from last year
primetime games have been affected the most.



Area blogger Rich Lieberman reports
that a "big
Secret Meeting" is planned this week at Media Generals
in San Francisco (Market #6) with "senior Nexstar

Nexstar, of course, is in
the final stages of closing on its $4.6 billion acquisition of Media
, and there have been rumors that Nexstar is
considering the option of shuttering KRON and tossing the
stations bandwidth into the FCCs spectrum auction.


In the past five years, there
have been at least 18 reported instances of San Francisco
Bay-area TV news crews getting robbed or attacked on the street, reports


, the primary evening anchor (from 2008 to 2013) at Fox-owned
WTXF-29 in Philadelphia (Market #4), is returning
to the station October 27
to anchor the "Fox 29
Morning News"
from 4 to 6 a.m.

Drayton left WTXF
in 2013 for a stint at the now-defunct Al Jazeera America,
which shut down in April.

He replaces Chris Murphy,
who left in early October for Tribunes KSWB-5-Fox in San
Diego (Market #28).



, an anchor for the past 15 years at Hearsts
in Boston (Market #9), announced
her departure
from the station late last week.

Wiping away tears at the end of
Thursdays 6 p.m. newscast, Unruh told viewers, "I
look forward to change at this point in my career…and welcome
the opportunity to continue and grow in new and challenging

The announcement was not totally
unexpected. Unruh was replaced as the stations top female
news anchor in February by Maria Stephanos, who reported
and anchored for nearly 18 years across the street at WFXT-25-Fox.
In recent months, Unruh has anchored only the 4:30 and 6
p.m. newscasts.

Insiders speculate that Unruh
may be headed to NBC Boston, the networks new local outlet
that will debut January 1, replacing WHDH-7-NBC.


Jeff Smith, a morning
reporter for almost four years at NBC-owned KXAS-5
in Dallas/Ft. Worth (Market #5), signed
off Friday
. Hes moving to Israel with the hopes of
kick-starting a career as a foreign correspondent.


Media Generals WOOD-8-NBC
in Grand Rapids (Market #39) has shuffled
its morning anchor lineup


, the "Emmy? award-winning"
morning news anchor and executive producer for the past 3? years
at Nexstar/Mission Broadcastings WTVO-17-ABC and
in Rockford, IL (Market #138), is leaving for an
unspecified new opportunity.

"The next step is
coming," he announced on Facebook.
"Im looking forward to telling you what that is soon."

Rodewald spent nearly nine
years in Chicago (Market #3) as a sports play-by-play announcer,
studio host, and sideline reporter before trying his hand at news
in Rockford.


ESPNs Chris Broussard announced
hes leaving the network after 12 years to join Fox
Sports 1.
He joins former ESPN colleagues Skip
Bayless, Jason Whitlock,
and Colin Cowherd at FS1.


, the news director for the past four years at Bonten
Medias WCTI-12-ABC
and WFXI-8-Fox in New Bern, NC
(Market #100), has been named ND at Sinclairs WSET-13-ABC
in Lynchburg/Roanoke, VA (Market #67). 

He replaces Len Stevens,
who left the station in June after a little more than two years as
news director and 14 at the station, many as the main anchor.


Irv Weinstein, the
legendary former news anchor at WKBW-7-ABC in Buffalo
(Market #53),
is suffering from ALS
, the progressive
neurodegenerative disease more commonly known as Lou Gehrigs
Hes 86.


old pal Matt
, an "Emmy? award-winning"
reporter, anchor, and producer, who has been out of the TV news
business since 2009, has been hired as a weekend news anchor and
reporter at Merediths WNEM-5-CBS in Flint-Saginaw (Market

He has more than 30 years of
experience in the business as a former reporter and anchor at KCAL-9
in Los Angeles (Market #2), WCAU-10-NBC in Philadelphia
(Market #4), and WOIO-19-CBS in Cleveland (Market #19).


than 180
Lonestar Emmy? Awards were handed out
Saturday in Fort Worth.



National Association of Black Journalists
, which projected a
deficit in 2015 of nearly $380,000, is set to end 2016 with a
projected $1 million surplus, the association
announced on Sunday

How did the notoriously
mismanaged NABJ manage to turn around its sinking financial
ship? They did it the old fashioned way. They eliminated three
paid executive positions, including the groups executive
director. They merged their annual convention with the National
Association of Hispanic Journalists
. And they sold off
$400,000 in investments.

Theres still an outstanding loan
of nearly a quarter-million dollars. And the NABJs
financial statement hasnt yet been officially audited. But, after
teetering for years on the edge of financial failure, the group
appears to have straightened itself out.

"The reports of the
associations demise were highly exaggerated," said the
association. "Were not out of the danger zone yet,"
cautioned Gregory H. Lee Jr., a former NABJ
president who chairs the NABJ Finance Committee.



"A PBS mind in a Twitter world."

Lets look at two sets of words
that sound alike but have such different meanings.

"Addition" is the process of adding (one plus one is
two) or something added, such as a room to a building.

~Everyones excited about the canteen addition to the

"Edition" is the form or version a publication is issued
in. For example:

~Theres the hardback edition of a book and the paperback edition.

"Edition" is also one of the forms something is
presented in.

~The weekend edition of the news won the AP award.

"Prospective" means likely to become.

~She is the prospective candidate for the producer job.

One of the meanings of "perspective" is a point of view.

~From his perspective, its just a matter of time before
the marketing director is history.

Mrs. B appreciates this perspective thought:

In order to keep a true
perspective of our importance, we should have a dog that will
worship us and a cat that will ignore us.


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