WISH has a new home with 1.5 million dollars worth of bells and whistles.

The Indianapolis Nexstar station took the wraps off the new 3,100 square foot set to kick off the week.

12- count ‘em – 12 LED walls.

The set has 14,000 individual LED lights and 17 rows of LED color-changing light strips.

“We do nearly 70 hours of news a week, more than any other local TV station so we had different needs than we had from our other set, so we really looked at those in the design of this set,” Scott Hainey, WISH Director of Creative Services said. “I think technology is the big thing, we utilize technology in this set to give us the functionality and flexibility to do what we do with nearly 70 hours of local news a week.”

Wonder who taught him everything he knows about interior illumination?

The set was years in the making.

“A lot of people think, ‘new set, who cares’ but it does make a difference,” said anchor Mike Barz. “We’re in the TV business. We show pictures, we show video, that’s so important for you at home.”

They’ve already done more news on that set than the one we looked at earlier.

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