If you were up and at ’em Wednesday Morning, you probably noticed we were one of the first, if not the first to report what was going down at KDFW (FOX) in real time, as it was happening and updated throughout the Morning. 

Anyway, turns out the suspect Michael Chadwick Fry ran his truck into the building where KDFW (FOX) is located in downtown Dallas early yesterday morning.

Seems he’s well known, one county over to Sheriff Deputies there.

He and a buddy were pulled over back in 2016 and reportedly attempted to ram the officer, who shot and killed his pal driving the car.

He was rambling about that when taken into custody, and has a long rap sheet with multiple booking photos, more complete than a baby album.

So, he’s in jail but now the clean up continues and the KDFW (FOX) traffic department has been relocated.

One member of the staff tells yours truly, the truck came to rest where she would have been sitting just one hour later and feels lucky to be alive. 

On another note, Fry was apparently upset with WFAA (ABC) and was confused over the address so, just ran his truck into KDFW instead.

Wow, what a crazy story, glad no one was hurt, it could have been a lot worse.

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