Once again this reporter was the first to bring you breaking news regarding the layoffs at Tribune-owned KDAF (CW33) Dallas Thursday.

The staff was completely caught off guard by the decision, which when these deals happen, is usually the case.

High Noon After The Bomb Drop At KDAF (CW33)

KDAF and sister station in Houston KIAH will broadcast the early shows through the end of next week normal schedule then after that, employees will be paid through November 6th.

The Morning Dose ends it’s run in mid-October.

KIAH is expanding its morning show but the evening crew is going away.

I suppose Tribune is giving at least 70 workers in Dallas and the same in Houston some time to find another gig.

The staff at both stations were given the day off so they could absorb the shock of what happened.

In Dallas, several recent hires were left wondering what comes next including a former writer for FOX News, the Morning Dose Meteorologist and an MMJ who jumped nearly 100 markets to land in Dallas.

One worker told me “a contract H-R flack is hanging out over the next few days to go over exit plans and such” and said, “she was set up in an empty office complete with a dead rat in a trap that you saw as you closed the door behind you for your private meeting.”


Kinda symbolic I suppose, at least the rat got off easy.

Tribune also made changes in personnel in the Denver, DC, and Philly markets.

Good luck once again, to another flock of journalists and TV professionals turned out to the world while company heads count their bonus money.  

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