If you’ve been out lately, you probably have noticed a lot of people around you striking the pose, head down reading or listening to whatever may be on their phone. 

It’s that very reason our lovely industry is changing from gather around the dinner table and watch the evening news to catching the headlines while on the fly.

Enter ” Interactive Journalism” and broadcasters across the country are using this to add to their coverage while engaging the audience and advertisers.

TV Newscheck reports newsrooms are using Megaphone TV to bring interactivity into their broadcast.

“Interactive journalism is something that’s being invented right now,” explains Megaphone TV CEO Dan Albritton. “And it’s not being invented by us. It’s really being invented by the stations we work with.”

Basically, interactive journalism is the “man on the street” version of the digital age, except no whining photographers, saying they don’t know what to ask, instead polls are put out online giving viewers a voice or a way to participate with your newsroom.

At its most sophisticated level, interactive journalism can engage the audience in a meaningful and instructive way.

We’ve seen newspapers build interactive maps, charts and games on their website to add a compelling layer to their stories.

Similar innovations can be applied in a local television broadcast.

If your management team is interested in learning more about this, by chance Megaphone TV will have a booth at NAB 2019 and can go into further detail.

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