Well, Fox Sports announcer Doug Gottlieb wanted attention and he got it.

Yes, most people dissed Gottlieb on Social Media for knocking Andrew Luck’s retirement, but Troy Aikman came out of nowhere with words that are interesting because both men work for FOX.

When one anchor rips another, it always creates drama and has more impact. And Aikman let it rip like a 40-yard pass.

As FOX’s lead NFL analyst who calls two games per week, Aikman has a set of rules that are different from most of the people who work at the network.

He can pretty much do and say what he wants without repercussions.

But Aikman still deserves credit for not worrying about the ramifications of torching a colleague.

Late Monday, Gottlieb fired back with his own sort of apology.

Stay tuned. It seems to be over…for now.

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