Have you ever been confused by FOOT and FEET… when to use each?

No wonder.

FOOT has two plurals.

The usual one is FEET; the other one is FOOT.

The most common use of the plural FOOT is as a unit of measure.

It is joined to a number with a hyphen.

>We used a four-FOOT step ladder to climb onto the low roof for the best shot.

>It was an eight-FOOT drop to the ground.

When you combine “foot” with numbers greater than “one” to talk about DISTANCE, use “feet”:

>The live unit is now only 6 FEET away.

Use “feet” between a number and an adjective.

>The suspect is six FEET nine inches tall.

(“Tall” is a predicate adjective modifying “suspect.”)

Use “foot” when you use a number on each side of it.

>The suspect is six FOOT nine.

Mrs. B is five FEET six inches tall.

If she were five FOOT ten, she would be happier with her weight.

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