Christian Marquez is a reporter for KOB 4 partner, Searchlight New Mexico, who had recently attended a journalism conference in New Orleans.

When he returned to New Mexico, he was notified that multiple people at the conference had tested positive for COIVD-19.

“My first immediate reaction was kind of to freak out a little bit, I’m not going to lie to you,” Marquez said. “My first call was to the Department of Health to see what my next steps should be and I actually ended up going to UNM Hospital that night to the ER, as they recommended and went through that whole process.”

Marquez wanted to ensure that he wasn’t spreading the virus to anyone else, and find out what he might need to do in order to step up safety at the office.

He says the experience gave him a look into the problems that thousands of New Mexicans may have to deal with as the pandemic continues.

Marquez wrote all about it for Searchlight New Mexico. To read his story, click here.

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