A little thing like getting fired isn’t going to stop Sven Sundgaard from working.  No, he’s not pulling a “Constanza” and still just… showing up.  After receiving his pink slip, from KARE11 in Minneapolis, the weather reporter is taking his act on the road – the road in this case being YouTube. 

Sven was fired after reposting a message that was highly critical of Stay-at-Home protesters in Minneapolis, in which he referred to them are armed.   For the record, although many of these protests did included armed citizens, the one in Minneapolis did not. 
Not to be deterred however, Sven launched ‘Explore with Sven: Weather’ on YouTube. 

“As I promised, I still want to try to bring you weather information. It’s still something I care a lot about and I know it impacts everybody,” said Sundgaard in his first video. “This is a bit of an experiment so bear with me here over the coming days.”

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