President Trump has been successul in many ventures in his short politcal career.  One that stands out is his abiltiy to manipulte the news cycle with the push of a ‘tweet’ button.   His branding enters society’s verncular just long enough to suit his needs in some cases.  Just ask “Little Marco” or “Lyin’ Ted” or “Crooked Hillary.”
Then there’s “fake news.”   It started as attack almost exclusively directed at CNN and The New York Times.  But “fake news” has not only survived, users have expanded way past the president.  Different people will give you different defiitions as to what “fake news” actually is.   Trump once enjoyed a loving reltionship with Fox News, tapping into the largest viewer pool in the industry in order to help him get elected.   Now Fox News is “fake news” seemingly since they started reporting Trump trailing Joe Biden by a significant margin in their polls.   But the moniker survives nonetheless… fact or baseless.   “Fake news” has been usurped by the Republican party that Trump has redefined – one that resemebles more a neo-nationalist party than Jack Kemp‘s vision of the GOP.
“Fake News” is even bigger than MAGA nation.  The journlists who were once on the recieving end of the “fake news” slings and arrows are flinging them back at the politicians – and how’s this for a twist – it’s coming from CNN.
Jake Tapper, Rep. Jim Jordan

Jake Tapper called out Republican Rep. Jim Jordan for airing deceptive, out-of-context clips (aka “FAKE NEWS”) of media protest coverage during the House Judiciary hearing on Tuesday.  Tapper even demanded the Ohio Congressman apologize for misleading the public.

On-the-air, the CNN host played a video presentation that Jordan aired during the hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr.

“At the beginning,” Tapper explained, “Jim Jordan of Ohio played a video featuring many upsetting images of mayhem and violence from protests and riots across the country. And that was included along with a mash-up of members of the media and others using the term ‘Peaceful protests.’”

Tapper then pointed out that Jordan was clearly trying to indict the media, including several of Tapper’s own CNN colleagues, for ignoring protest violence in the interest of reporting, with bias, the protesters as victims.  Jordan’s mash-up featured only bites of reporters saying “peaceful protests” over footage of anything but that.

Congressman Jordan neglected to give the full context of these comments. So, my team and I did it for him.” Tapper said.  He then played the full clips of the versions that Jordan edited to suit his narrative.  In the unedited clips CNN reporters Josh Campbell and Diane Gallagher explained that the protests had been mostly peaceful but both explained they had then transitioned violence and vandalism.  Jordan left that part out.

Congressman Jordan, you owe them and anyone else whose comments you completely misrepresented today on Capitol Hill, you owe them an apology. Any person of honor, any person who cares about the truth would do that. I guess we’ll see what you’re going to do.”

In many ways Donald Trump’s republican party has harnessed the power behind the accustion of “fake news.”   But “doth protest too much” has been around way longer.  If you’re going to fire those slings and arrows and play the role of victim of “fake news,” have a shield ready as well because FAKE fake news claims will be called out.

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