A WCVB reporter was stabbed while working Sunday night in Copley Square, the local news channel told The Boston Globe.

Ted Wayman is recovering after being taken to a local hospital. The Globe reported he was helped by  his photojournalist.

Boston police reported a stabbing in the area Sunday night, but did not identify the male victim.

Police said Cirilo Aldana-Peraedes, 44, of Boston, was bothering the victim and other people throughout the day. When the victim asked Aldana-Peraedes to leave him alone, he pulled out scissors in a threatening manner.

Police said Aldana-Peraedes stabbed the passenger side window of the victim’s van, scratching the glass window and eventually stabbing the victim when he tried to close the door. The victim suffered a “severe laceration” on his left forearm.

Aldana-Peraedes fled and was arrested a short time later by police. He faces a charge of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon.

There has been an outpour of support for Wayman from media members and officials on social media.

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