WPIX’s Kirstin Cole’s team in New York has become just latest crew to be attacked in the field, in what has becoming a disturbing and dangerous trend.   According to the award winning reporter’s twitter post, while outside Hudson Yards on Manhattan’s west side, a man (who they managed to get a picture of) attacked their gear and voiced threats before tossing a cigarette at them.   Luckily no bodily harm was done to any members of Cole’s crew, but there was damage to some of their equipment.

NewsBlues has reached out to sources familiar with the incident who have reported that crews in New York are advising each other to carry pepper spray and to be prepared to use it, even going so far as to detail that they’ve been instructed to always aim for the forehead and fire in an “X” pattern.

The source went on to say that “Reporters and photogs have their heads on a swivel.”

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