“It’s 4:20 am. I’m in the makeup room with less than 10 minutes to get into the studio to anchor the morning newscast. It’s crunch time. I’ve spent 5 minutes struggling to ram my microphone and IFB box down the back of my dress and hook them to my bra strap. For a moment, I consider tossing all my dresses and wearing a suit every day. Ugh! I wish there were a better way to do this.””

And there was.

Reba Hollingsworth, a longtime anchor and reporter now in Virginia, created it.

It’s called the AHAWrap.

“I went to my seamstress and shared my vision. I took those DIY attempts and designed a sophisticated solution for women. From my vision to being factory made, the process took one year. The AHA Wrap is strong but stylish, just like us. The heavy-duty elastic design, silicone band, and Velcro closure keep it snug around the leg. Two rows of snaps give it an extra layer of security to keep it in place.

Reba is offering 10% off to subscribers. You can visit the AHAWrap website and use the code: AHA-NewsBlues

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