KSAT anchor Courtney Friedman is putting it all out there for viewers and other journalists who need support in and around the San Antonio, Texas area.

Pregnant during a pandemic.

A lot of women have given birth under unimaginable circumstances – without husbands by their sides, recovering alone, pushing with a mask on.

Friedman, who is expecting a baby girl in July, penned an open letter on KSAT’s website.

Every time I go to the doctor to hear my daughter’s heartbeat or see her on a sonogram, my husband can’t be there. In the era of COVID we’re prepared for these protocols, but seeing him smile on Facetime instead of next to me holding my hand isn’t what I always dreamed of.
The bottom line is that this is tough, and we all need each other even more than usual right now.
By confiding in the amazing support system I’m lucky to have, I realized the reason I’ve felt more at ease about the decisions I’ve made is in great part because of my job. I have gathered so much information and have been able to personally ask the experts about these difficult choices I’m facing. That research and the time spent talking with my own wonderful doctors is what led me to get the vaccine, and it’s the most relief I’ve felt so far in this experience. It may not be the same decision that every pregnant woman makes right now, and that’s okay. I just want to offer the information and clarity that helped me make my decision.

Friedman posted a photo of herself getting the first dose of the vaccine.

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