WTOL viewers in Toledo, Ohio like the lack of turn around in the weather department. It’s steady.

First Alert Chief meteorologist Robert Shiels has been with the station since doing the weather. Before that, here was just one guy, Charlie Umpenhour.

1994 is a long time ago and it’s now time for Shiels to retire.

He isn’t leaving just yet (he’ll stay through the Summer) but he did write a note to viewers regarding his impending goodbye.

“Over the years you have heard me talk about my Busia many times. One of Helen’s favorite sayings was ‘give somebody else a chance.’

“I have decided it is time to do just that. Once we get through the spring severe weather season I will step aside as chief meteorologist at WTOL.

“I have been blessed with great opportunities and worked with so many talented, caring, giving people here at WTOL.

“Helping you plan your lives around the weather has been a fun challenge.

“My favorite part of this career has been meeting you. This community is very warm and welcoming. And being on WTOL has allowed this once shy guy the chance to come out of my shell, because you all are so quick to say hello wherever I go! 🙂

“I love all of you and hope to see you around through the coming years. In fact, drop me a line if you would like to play some golf!”

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