NewsNation’s newest anchor Dan Abrams spoke about objectivity to Mediaite, the site he founded.

He’ll return to TV this Fall and will host his own 8 p.m. show daily. He says it’s going to be aimed at the more “moderate, independent minded audience.”

As for opinions, it sounds like he plans to have them but he’ll be transparent about his motivations.

“I think that one of the reasons that people don’t trust the media is because so many cable news hosts and others claim they’re objective,” Abrams told me. “And people don’t believe them. So I’m not going to fake objectivity. I’m going to say here’s where I’m coming from. Here’s what I think on this. But I may be wrong. So now you know, audience. So there’s no hidden bias.”

His show is in pre-production now. It launches September 26. He’ll be on at the same time as Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Chris Hayes on MSNBC and Anderson Cooper on CNN.

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