I left the news business in 2018. It was one of the loneliest decisions I’ve ever made. My colleagues were too afraid to entertain the idea of leaving, and my non-news friends didn’t understand the emotional attachment tied to my career.

It took me months to land my first non-reporting job. I had no idea what I qualified for, and I didn’t know how to showcase my skills were transferable. I wish I had someone to lean on while trying to navigate this new world.

I eventually found my way – and though it wasn’t easy, it has been gratifying. I’ve spent the last four years in marketing before starting my consulting firm for small businesses and entrepreneurs. There are a lot of organizations that want the special sauce only journalists have. The tricky part is learning to speak the corporate lingo and convince them they need you.

That’s why I created my course Transition out of TV. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in my evolution from journalist to marketing/communications pro to entrepreneur and concentrated it into a comprehensive course that helps others make their own transition.

My goal is to provide everything a journalist would need to know to make a career transition in one evergreen package. Resume writers and career coaches are wonderful, but they cost hundreds of dollars and really can only be utilized when someone is ready to make a move. In contrast, my course is designed so journalists can apply what they’ve learned immediately or when their contract is up.

I’m running a special from now until September 1 – $50 off with the discount code JUMPCUT50. The price goes up after that, and the course begins on September 15. Here’s the link to secure your pre-order offer.

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