KPRC‘s Rose-Ann Aragon has delivered her final report.

The veteran space correspondent left the Houston station on Saturday after five years.

Working in TV news was what Aragon always wanted to achieve.

” I chased that dream from when I was a little girl, to college to Peoria, to Cincinnati, to Houston,” she wrote on Facebook.

Aragon said this is a crossroads moment and a “time for change.”

That change will take her outside of the industry.

“It is a dream communications position at one of the Top 5 tech companies in the world. I’ll focus on innovation, tech and research,” Aragon said.

Aragon said it was a bittersweet choice that came after months of prayer, reflection.

“While I am excited, there is no doubt – I will miss you all very much. From the bottom of my heart – thank you for always believing in and supporting me,” she said.


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