In a move that seems to smack of desperation, CNN CEO Chris Licht is reportedly hoping to land Charles Barkley in a prime time slot as a news interviewer.

Yes…THAT Charles Barkley…the guy who’s been playing the outspoken goofball on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” telecasts for two decades.

He recently signed another extension with that program.

According to a new report from Dylan Byers of Puck News, “The conceit is that a genuine, outspoken, often humorous figure like Barkley might be a bigger draw than the traditional self-serious newsman, and might be better suited to ask guests the kinds of questions that average Americans actually care about.”

The other conceit might be that he can’t talk Gayle King into signing on to CNN prime time.

Well, Warner Discovery does own both CNN and TNT and there is that corporate synergy thing executives love to blather on about.

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