How do you know when a nominee for a long-open vacancy on the Federal Communications Commission is the right nominee?

When Rupert Murdoch’s “Wall Street Journal’s” editorial board mounts a full-on assault on said nominee.

And Gigi Sohn, who’s been hanging around for nearly a year-and-a-half waiting for a Senate vote, is only stating the obvious when she says “I believe deeply that regulated entities should not choose their regulator. Unfortunately, that is the exact intent of the past 15 months of false and misleading attacks on my record and my character.”

That is something lifted from testimony she delivered yesterday during her third hearing for the job before the Senate Commerce Committee.

Sohn’s position favoring reinstatement of net neutrality rules revoked during the Trump Administration is what has industry corporates nervous.

“My industry opponents have hidden behind dark money groups and surrogates because they fear a pragmatic, pro-competition, pro-consumer policymaker who will support policies that will bring more, faster, and lower-priced broadband,” she told Senators.

It really is past due for the Commission to be back to full strength and able to perform its stated mission – act in consumers’ interests.

That would be a far cry from the Ajit Pai years during which the FCC became nothing more than a rubber stamp for the Big Media types.

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