Simon Ateba, the White House reporter for “Today News Africa”, has a lengthy history of talking….often shouting….out of turn in the White House press room

Monday was no exception as Ateba derailed a press conference featuring the cast of “Ted Lasso” by shouting accusations at press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

“It’s been seven months. You’ve not called on me. I’m saying that’s not right,” Ateba said.

The other journalists in the room erupted.

As has become habit, Ateba cashed in his antics with yet another appearance on Tucker Carlson’s entertainment hour on FOX.

Where he engaged in some jaw-dropping dissing.

“The press secretary doesn’t need to like me, date me, marry me, have two Black children with me. She doesn’t need all that,” Ateba said, much to Carlson’s amusement. “She doesn’t even need to like my accent—doesn’t even need to like what I look like [or] where I come from. They look down on me. They don’t respect the First Amendment.”


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