Jennifer Kastner broke into the tv business back in 2006 and worked in Salinas, CA, Tucson AZ, Midland, TX, and Las Vegas before a two-year tenure at KCBS and KCAL in Los Angeles.

Then, five years ago, she moved on to Scripps’ KGTV in San Diego, CA as an investigative reporter.

And now she is turning her back on tv news and moving into the print world as a reporter with the tiny “San Diego Business Journal,” a weekly publication.

She says she’ll miss her tv newsroom colleagues but “…I don’t miss doing my on-air hair and makeup.”

Certainly one reason to make a change.

She knows a much, much better one.

“The print medium allows us journalists to tell much longer and more comprehensive stories. We can add tons of rich context. We have the space to dive deeper into our content, something that I couldn’t always do in TV because of the on-air time constraints.”

Good luck with it.

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