Frontier Communications, a pay-tv operator with 306,000 subscribers, declared war on the First Amendment and all that is America when it dropped Newsmax from its lineup.

Wait….wait now….

That is what we would have gone with if this were April 1st.

Or if we bought Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy’s big lie about why his sparsely-viewed cable outlet continues to fail at strong-arming satellite, cable and internet providers into paying his company far more than it is worth in order to keep it afloat.

No, Frontier has dropped Newsmax as purely a business move, along with Fuse Media channels Fuse and FM, neither of whom, so far, are whining about being dropped.

“Frontier’s decision was clearly political, because they will lose far more money in cancellations and lost business without Newsmax,“ reads a Newsmax statement.

So Ruddy is going with the same playbook used in the recently-concluded DirecTV negotiations.

But since Frontier’s size pales in comparison with DirecTV’s 13-million+ subscribers, we don’t expect Ruddy to hustle off to Washington to huddle with his Congressional posse who enjoy the softball questions lobbed by his “journalists.”

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