The media does love its lists.

“Top Ten (Insert topic here),” “Best Places to Retire,” “Top Takeaways from (Again, insert topic here), and the ever-popular “Winners and Losers.”

So in the FOX-Dominion case:


FOX Executives and program hosts

Well, most of them anyway.

If you think no one is taking the fall for a three-quarters of a billion dollar judgment coming out of the Murdoch’s piggy bank, come out from under that rock.

Let’s the guessing game begin as to who gets to fall on their sword.

We’re already hearing the Maria Bartiromo and Judge Jeanine may be sacrificed

The Dominion Accounting Department

Quite a nice chunk of change is about to come over the transom.

We don’t expect the Murdochs to pay up in pennies, as many sore losers do, but don’t rule it out.

The Lawyers

Firms for both sides will get a hefty payday.

And Dominion attorneys will be in for some swell bonuses while FOX lawyers might find coal in their stockings at Christmas.


Media types can feel sorry for themselves after all their preparation for spending six weeks in sunny New Castle County, DE and the lost, never-to-be-realized ratings and clock boosts the trial might have brought.

And, of course, there is a significantly smaller FOX bottom line.

But the real loser in the FOX-Dominion case is…

The American Public

Especially that portion of the public still under the illusion that FOX is a news organization. A “news” organization that completely ignored the story of its own selling of a lie – a sale that continues to this day.

Back in 1997, the James Bond movie put Bond and a still relatively unknown Michelle Yeoh up against Jonathan Pryce as Elliott Carver, a Rupert Murdoch-type media mogul prone to  provoking civil unrest, economic turbulence and wars to boost circulation and ratings for his media empire.

Naturally, Bond defeats him in spectacular and gruesome fashion.

But truth is stranger, and crueler, than fiction.

Murdoch’s minions are already back with their electronic manure spreaders.

And FOX still gets treated as a news channel

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