Some clown shows up at your kid’s bus stop daily toting an AR-15, or something that looks a helluva lot like one, and there is “another side?”

Baltimore “investigative” reporter Tolly Taylor of Hearst’s WBAL seemed to think so.

Both sides our…..eye.

We wonder if Mr.Taylor feels the man with the gun is one of those “very fine people,” and that he finds it kind of interesting that the armed clown shows up regularly at the bus stop.

The man with the rifle, J’den McAdory, told Taylor that he was asserting his legal right and was protesting a recent gun control law put into effect in Maryland.

Because there is no law against scaring the hell out of elementary school kids.

After a severe social media scolding by parents outraged by Taylor’s tone-deaf social media approach to touting his story, he pressed the bonehead with the gun to promise to  not show up at the bus stop during drop-off or pickup.

We hope Taylor gets better at his job.


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