“The New York Post” reported over the weekend that CBS will put out a request for proposals to sell the broadcast HQ at West 57th and find a new home in Manhattan.

And if the potential selling off of the fabled “milk factory” (the building’s onetime function nearly a century ago) doesn’t tell you anything about the sad state of the television business these days, nothing will.

Sure, CBS (oops….Paramount Global) dealt its fabled LA Broadcast Center.

But for those of us who spent our careers in tv news, the home of Murrow and Cronkite, of Don Hewitt and “60 Minutes,” was an in sacrosanct.

CBS bought the property in 1952 and it quickly became the network’s news hub.

A plaque on the building calls it a “Historic Site in Journalism”

It quickly became so iconic that in the 80’s a CBS newsmagazine was called “West 57th.”

The headscratcher is that CBS…er, Paramount Global….wants to stay in Manhattan.

Yes, a sale of the 600,000 square foot property in Hell’s Kitchen would bring in a huge cash infusion.

But what would another property, leased or owned, cost?

Is it really that bad?

Uh….yes, it appears that it is.

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