Sportswear maker Under Armour’s Kevin Plank shared nonpublic financial details with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, and she gave advice to him on how to address negative publicity.

And that couldn’t be more of an ethical no-no.

Especially since Plank provided Ruhle with a private cell phone and a special email address so the two could communicate on the downlow about sensitive matters that would be considered conflicts of interest.

The abnormally tight relationship between Ruhle, a business-focused reporter, and Plank came to light in unsealed court documents related to a shareholder lawsuit alleging Under Armour inflated its own share price, creating significant losses.

Ruhle at the time of the questionable connection back in 2015 and 2016, was an anchor for Bloomberg News.

She now hosts The 11th Hour” on MSNBC.

In depositions for the lawsuit, Ruhle acknowledged that the two were friends while she continued to cover his financially challenged company – and advised him how to handle bad publicity.

What the hell goes on in peoples’ minds to think this is ok?

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