Bay area blogger Rich Lieberman isn’t one to jump on a bandwagon.

When everyone else was breathlessly reporting the alleged “stolen jacket’ incident that that eventually led to the firing of KGO sportscaster Mike Shumann, Lieberman was expressing some skepticism over the whole affair.

So over the weekend, Leiberman published a critique of coverage of the Shuman/jacket affair and the failure of sports “journalists” to go outside their comfort zone to try and get the whole story.

[When} Shumann was accused of stealing a jacket from a Warriors team security guard (who has recently left the organization) the initial story was reported by The Athletic.

[D]id its reporter make an attempt to ask Shumann for comment? Get his explanation? Surely someone with 25 years at his employer deserves that but there was no attempt made by the reporter.

Lieberman’s conclusion? Crappy journalism.


Monte Poole a veteran sports columnist and Warriors’ Insider for the local NBC Sports Bay Area cable outlet who is African-American, wrote a column about some Warriors’ players who injected race into the matter even though Shumann has never had any issues with Bay Area sports teams, let alone issues involving racial matters.

I bring this up because Shumann went out of his way to return the jacket to its owner that night in San Antonio; unable to get it to the security guard, Shumann gave it to a prominent Warriors’ PR person.

This is verified.

There was no theft.

There was, conspicuously, a video that showed Shumann taking the jacket and looking around for its owner.

Should Shumann have left it there as is?

You can say it might have been the best thing to do in retrospect but Shumann had no ill intentions and only wanted to get it the security guard as quickly as possible.

And so here we are.

A 25-year career down the drain over assumptions drawn from an ambiguous video, the dutiful transcribing of player opinions far removed from facts and a television station seemingly more interested in preserving business ties than finding the truth.

Sad and pathetic

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