The rumor mill at Raycom duopoly WOIO-WUAB kicked into overdrive Thursday with the news that longtime Cleveland anchorwoman Romona Robinson would be leaving the station sometime before the end of the year.

In other words, “before Christmas but we’ve got a book coming up and we need a hook.”

What better hook than a pioneering black anchor who spent the past six and a half years at the station where she began her Cleveland sojourn back in 1987, went on to a competitor for fifteen years and then, in 2012,  returned to where it all began to, in her words, “help reshape the culture and content for the place where my career began more than 30 years ago.”

She insists her departure is her call.
“This is my call. This is my plan. And this has been my plan since my mom passed in January.”

She also indicated she still has some gas in the tank.
“If someone came along with something wonderful that I couldn’t turn down, I certainly would consider it,” she said. “But if not, I am just going to enjoy this new chapter of being an author and motivational speaker.”

But as the station ramps up the usual round of tributes, retrospectives and testimonials, the Raycom station is also preparing to become part of Gray Television.

And when the staff learned that she was leaving, they also got news they er departure would not be the last.

More resignations and layoffs are said to be coming.

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