So, last Thursday the State Department  announced that a former Fox News reporter would lead its agency in charge of efforts to counter foreign propaganda and disinformation. 

Lea Gabrielle was named special envoy and coordinator of the Global Engagement Center, State Department deputy spokesperson Robert Palladino announced during the department press briefing.

“Lea will provide the permanent leadership we have needed to bolster the Global Engagement Center’s operations. And she will begin her duties on Monday.

Lea is a former CIA-trained human intelligence operations officer, defense foreign liaison officer, United States Navy program director, Navy FA-18/C fighter pilot, and national television news correspondent and anchor at two different networks,” Palladino said.

Her first Day was Monday and just hours before the Trump visit to El Paso, the White House released a video which featured several pro-wall El Paso residents.

Not sure if she had a hand in it but the timing of the video is interesting.

The GEC was established in April 2016, and its mission includes “countering the adverse effects of state-sponsored propaganda and disinformation.”

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