Lara Logan wasn’t too kind recently to the MSM in general, which is interesting considering she’s a card carrying member working as foreign correspondent for CBS News and 60 Minutes.

She offered her remarks in an interview published last Friday with the Mike Drop podcast, hosted by retired Navy SEAL Mike Ritland.

During the wide-ranging interview, Logan talked about her concerns about the mainstream media; she argued that the overwhelming majority of media outlets in the US are liberal and that in recent years, many media outlets have “abandoned our pretense” of being objective.

Logan said, “although the media has historically always been left-leaning, we’ve abandoned our pretense — or at least the effort — to be objective, today….we’ve become political activists, and some could argue, propagandists.”

Logan also said that the media coverage of President Trump is “distorted,” because, she said, everything that the media reports about Trump is “negative.” Logan lamented that old journalistic standards had gone “out the window” and said some of the media’s coverage of the White House amounts to nothing more than, in her words, “horse sh*t.”

Ritland characterized U.S. news media as “absurdly left-leaning” and supportive of Democrats, further describing the status quo of American news media’s left-wing and partisan Democrat biases as a “huge fucking problem” and “disaster for this country.”

Stay tuned.

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