We’ve all taken calls like this before, or at least most of us have.

Right in the middle of a breaking news story, when your station goes wall to wall, the calls come in from viewers.

Not because they don’t care about the storm per se, but they care more about immediate matters at hand, like what happened to the Golden Girls or Judge Judy.

As a deskie this can send you over the edge especially when you are responsible for getting information on a real time event to the producers, or guiding the chopper, but there you are, talking to someone complaining about the interruption in programming.  And, no matter what is happening if you hang up or are terse to say the least, they call back the next day and you receive a terse email from the GM about being polite to all callers.


This has happened for years and will continue and only those who have lived it can look back and laugh, but I digress.

Check out the comments from viewers as killer tornadoes were bearing down on some in the viewing area.

Hats off to you desk folk for weathering the storm in more ways than one.

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