We told you a week ago that former news director (KXAS, Dallas/Ft. Worth) turned general manager (WVIT, Hartford) Susan Tully will leave the NBC o-and-o next month, very early in the sweeps period, mind you, to return to Texas.

What we didn’t know then but know now, is the reason for what seems to be an ill-timed departure.

To be clear, she is not retiring and shared this note she sent to her staff explaining WHY she’s returning to Texas.

This was a very difficult decision to make, but the timing fell into place as our son, and only child, graduates from college in Vermont next month and moves back to Texas.

I always tell staff that family comes first, and I’ve chosen to follow my own advice.

Wherever our son ends up as he pursues his future, my husband and I want to be a short drive away.

Yes, we are those parents.

Fortunately, he likes having us around.

I plan to look for another opportunity after my son settles in Texas.

Asked and answered.

We’re those parents as well.

Tully is a 28 year veteran of NBC stations, including four years as GM in Hartford, 14 years as ND at KXAS, and stints in both Philadelphia and San Diego.

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