You may recall WPBF (ABC) News anchor and reporter Farron Salley was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence back in December.

It all went down December 15th when Salley was pulled over by a Palm Beach Garden Police Officer after he spotted her driving without taillights, The Palm Beach Post reported.

After the Officer notified Salley that she appeared to be driving with only her daytime lights activated, she turned her nighttime lights on and began playing with her cell phone, bodycam footage showed.

“What’s wrong?” the officer asked her early in the stop.

“You,” she retorted. “I don’t feel like being pulled over right now.”

Salley complained about having been stopped while her passenger appeared to gather paperwork for the officer.

It went down hill from there and was caught on bodycam which was recently made public.

Salley was eventually arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

She was gone from the airwaves for about two months.

When the state decided not to file charges, WPBF management allowed Salley to return to the anchor desk where she made an on-air apology.

After the above video made the rounds late last week, station management  said WPBF and Salley mutually agreed that she would resign.

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