We’re hearing in some quarter that he is shocked….shocked, we tell you, and hurt, even, that he was left out of the 25th anniversary celebration of “Today’s” street-side studio.

A celebration of a studio, and his knockers are evidently in a twist over the snub.

“Matt was shocked and hurt to be edited out of the 25th year celebration,” a source exclusively told RadarOnline.com.

We will insert here that we absolutely love the anonymous quotes offered up by RadarOnline, one of the more execrable tabloid websites out there.

When it’s not chasing Lauer, it’s giving us more than we need to know about “Dance Moms’ felon Abby Lee Miller.

We digress.

Back to those juicy, juicy quotes the folks at Radar SWEAR are genuine.

“The show pretends they are all family members until something goes wrong. That’s when real families stick together. The whole place is phony, ” said the source. “These people are not even decent friends, let alone TV’s first family.”

“Matt made that show number one for decades,” said the insider, adding that the tribute snub “wasn’t an accident or oversight! It was a deliberate decision to erase him, and it hurts like hell.”

He single-handedly did that?

Roker had nothing to do with it?

Guthrie? Kotb? Kathie Lee? Couric?

Ann Curry…oh wait…he did his damnedest to ice her so she never really had a chance to make an impact.

Keep trying Matt..

And we will keep trying to find someone who actually cares about the perceived snub.

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