Fox News’ streaming service Fox Nation is only 9 months old and is already proving to be a worthy offspring of the empire that Roger Ailes built.

There’s the Britt McHenry misconduct complaint against her now-former co-host Tyrus, the investigation of which resulted in Tyrus being awarded his own program.

Of course, the guy in charge of Fox Nation is the guy who investigated the charge against Tyrus.

And back in 2011, when John Finley was an EP on “Hannity,” he was accused of misconduct by a producer at the network.

Fox News said the allegation was reported, but “no evidence was found to back up the claim,” and the producer is no longer with the network.

Two sources told “The Hollywood Reporter” that the producer told them at the time she felt “pressured” to leave Fox News after the investigation.

She eventually left the network and no longer works in television.

And perhaps we have a better understanding of how things work in FoxWorld.

McHenry, by the way, has hired an attorney to possibly pursue her complaint against her former co-host.

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