You may recall, we told you Tuesday newly minted CBS Evening News Anchor and Managing Editor Norah O’Donnell was in Houston, continuing the victory tour with various CBS stations. 

Upon returning to NY, O’Donnell and the CBS higher-ups held a pep rally of sort according to Page Six.

As part of a morale booster,  O’Donnell, heavyweight news division president Susan Zirinsky and “Evening News” executive producer Kim Godwin starred in taped “music video” set to a DJ Khaled song — complete with a dance routine.

Reportedly, it prompted a flurry of texts from dazed workers about the surreal occasion,

One staffer says “this was a session about the vision for the show centered on journalism with integrity and the structure moving forward. People left completely energized and excited about the future.”

and the event was officially billed as an “editorial rally” internally, rather than a “pep rally.”

An unconventional approach sure, but probably a pretty good move by Zirinsky who took the reigns of a lackluster news division along with an ocean of apathy from staffers who are a mix of recent college grads to those near retirement.

We’ll see how this plays out.

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