Our man on the scene in San Francisco, Rich Lieberman reports CBS O&O heads are going to KPIX in an attempt to jump-start things. 

The long time blogger by the Bay offers a few tips from his post this week saying there are “massive divisions” in the operation.

According to Lieberman:

1. Veronica De La Cruz is a BUST! She came here with star status and a name. But she hasn’t moved the needle one iota. Hell, CBS, if you don’t register that in five years, you need serious help.
2. The sun has set on Ken Bastida. 
3. Allen Martin has all the appeal of the cafeteria at Santa Rita.
4. THERE IS NO INTEREST in any newscast; about as stale as week-old kumquats.
5. The old ND, Dan Rosenheim, stuck the place up for years and PIX hasn’t the money nor resources to add a qualified news man. Think I’m hallucinating KPIX staff? Go ask the senior staffers in the lunchroom, quietly.”
Well, there you go, Rich never holds any punches. It will be interesting to see if anything changes in the coming weeks.

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