We guess she never read comics or did she? Hmm.

During a recent news broadcast, one anchor noted the launch of San Diego Comic-Con, while specifying that her favorite Marvel Comics character was Superman, enraging the internet.

WFAA (ABC) anchor Cynthia Izaguirre not only claimed that Superman was her favorite Marvel Comics character, but she even quoted Spider-Man‘s famous “With great power comes great responsibility” quote, with her confident delivery implying that she was deliberately confusing the publishers.

Despite the intentional faux pas, the internet erupted in outrage, likely giving Izaguirre the exact reaction she was seeking.

Izaguirre is known for coveting the spotlight, even in situations like this, so she responded in typical fashion.

Let’s just hope she or the producer did do it on purpose and doesn’t order a Whopper at McDonald’s on the way home.

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