All the stations in your market used to have a single goal: putting on the best newscast possible.

Packages were designed solely for viewing on TV.

There were intense editorial meetings as Producers argued over stories to lead their newscasts like a giant tug-a-war.

Posting stories on the web only happened after the newscast aired, so as not to cannibalize TV ratings.

Today, however, some TV stations proudly proclaim they’re “digital first,” according to

It’s a move showing up at stations around the country.

The 2019 RTDNA/Lawrence Herbert School of Communication at Hofstra University Newsroom Survey, for instance, found that more than 200 TV news directors report “trying new things online,” and 60% are planning to build new “digital first” strategies “including staff reorganization to integrate digital at the center of the news team.”

So why are many TV newsrooms starting to put TV news on the back burner?

They’re worried what happened to newspapers two decades ago will soon happen to them.
Some stations like KOTV (CBS) an KWTV (CBS) have been running web only stories for at least 4 years and have app’s that allow reporters to edit and file reports on their phones from the field lickety-split.
The message here: If you aren’t focusing on digital first these days, you better start quickly. The guy across the street already has the jump on you.

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