Now here’s a good reason to start a new newscast.

In Hartford, CT, the anemic ratings of “Dr. Oz” as a 5 pm news lead-in have driven the folks at Meredith’s WFSB to concoct a 4:30 pm newscast and (we’re sure to the horror of the sales department) cut the pay-to-play “Better Connecticut” in half and move it from 3 to 4 PM.

“Dr. Oz” will be exiled to the 3 pm slot.

Erin Connolly and Mark Zinni will anchor the new 4:30pm newscast while meteorologist Mark Dixon will do the weather, when all of this begins September 30.

All of this, we are assured, is temporary.

“Dr. Oz” will be sent packing in 2020, when the contract for the program expires.

Then maybe “Better Connecticut” can expand to 90 minutes *wink wink*.

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