Well, it wouldn’t be a Hurricane without a few goofs here and there right?

Bless the hearts of all the crews in the field, and the staff back at the station for focusing on wall to wall coverage for days in some cases.

Mistakes like this one are gonna happen right?

Plus some of the same old suspects were also up to their old tricks, like the Weather Channel‘s Jim Cantore, who is the king of embellishment.

And while Hurricane Dorian moves at a snails pace up the Southeast Coast,  “#SharpieGate” tore across Twitter Wednesday night after the President pointed out earlier maps he reviewed indicated Dorian may cause problems in Alabama.

Instead of focusing on response, or injuries, some in the “gotcha media” continued its cold war with the President over who said what.

Time to move on folks, you are beating on a dead sharpie.

If you are yet to cover Hurricane Dorian in the Carolinas, play it safe and thank you.

We appreciate what you do.

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