For those of us working in TV News 9/11/01 was a day none of us will ever forget.

And for all the younger journalist out there, let’s hope you never have to deal with something this tragic but we are sure, you will also rise to the occasion.

Yours truly was running the Fort Worth desk at KTVT (CBS) when the first plane hit and this is what we had on our monitors.

It was a normal day, we were pairing up crews and then everything changed.

Turned out to be a long, long day and I got home at 3 AM and shed a few tears. Not a manly man thing to do, but such tragedy, seeing it over and over on the networks, talking to relatives of victims over the phone, the sheer panic of callers worried if the entire country was under attack, was more than anyone could take.

It was a sad day. Our prayers go out to the families of the victims.

Let’s hope however, going forward, stations use a little more tact in the future unlike WTAJ (CBS) which caught a lot of heck from viewers Wednesday after this now blown out post.


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